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We are giving away free pairs of authentic Mongolian camel wool socks. Just cover the international shipping/delivery & handling.
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Discover unparalleled comfort, warmth, and style with our premium Mongolian camel wool socks, specially crafted to cater to your feet’s every need.

Experience the magic of this rare and extraordinary material, known for its exceptional insulation, breathability, and hypoallergenic properties.

Upgrade your sock game with our luxurious Mongolian camel wool socks and experience a world of comfort and warmth like never before. Don’t settle for ordinary socks when you can pamper your feet with the very best. Order your pair today and experience the ultimate in foot luxury!

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Mongolian Socks

Why Camel Wool?

Made in Mongolia – Your camel socks will arrive within 2 weeks. We ship internationally to most countries with a 100% shipping guarantee / refund.

Finer Fabric

Camel wool is finer and more durable than most fabrics. Your feet will feel like swimming in an ocean of silk.

Regulates Heat

Camel wool maintains and regulates heat even in hot climates. Your skin will thank you due to its antimicrobial and hypoallergenic properties.


No more smelly and wet feet! Camel wool dries quickly and is breathable, allowing for a comfortable wear.

We Ship to All Countries

Why Is It Free?
What's The Catch?

As a goodwill to our potential customers, we are offering a free giveaway / sample. Come shop with us again and get up to 50% discount when you buy our cashmere, yak, and sheep wool socks in bulk! 

We ship to most countries within 2 weeks. Get your package to your doorstep or an address of your choosing.

In the very unlikely case that your package gets lost, we offer 100% guarantee on all orders in case of refunds.

It doesn't get more authentic and natural than our camel wool socks. Manufactured and produced in Mongolia, you are getting the real deal.

You can email, message, or call us via Whatsapp anytime if you have any questions or concerns. Our team is available 24/7 for any support.

About Us

About Silk Road Mongolia

We are a team of local Mongolians dedicated to bringing the most authentic Mongolian products and services to the world. From Mongolian bows, yurts, and cashmere to tours and travel plans, it’s our mission to promote our Mongolian culture and history. 

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Very warm! Excellent choice. I recommend the seller!

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