About Us
Silk Road Socks


Since 2016

Hello, world! My name’s Orgil, the sock-slinging wanderer behind Silk Road Socks.

I’m a globe-trotter by nature, an explorer at heart, and an entrepreneur by passion. I’ve spent countless hours traversing the Earth, soaking up the sunsets of different lands, and immersing myself in the kaleidoscope of cultures that our incredible world has to offer.

But among all the awe-inspiring places I’ve been, the calling of my homeland, Mongolia, always echoes the loudest.

Our Founding

You see, I was born and raised in the heart of Mongolia. A land of age-old customs, fascinating traditions, and, you guessed it, some of the world’s finest socks! Mongolia is home to the cashmere goat, which produces the softest and most luxurious wool. I wanted to share this piece of my homeland’s magic with the world, and voila Silk Road Socks was born.

Core Values

We’re all about celebrating the little things in life – like that incomparable feeling of slipping your feet into a pair of cozy, high-quality socks on a chilly morning. And let’s be real, who doesn’t love a good pair of socks? We’re serious about customer satisfaction. That’s why we guarantee a 100% refund if your shipment is lost or damaged. We’ve got your feet, and your investment, covered.

Our Mission

Our socks are more than just an item of clothing. They’re a vibrant fusion of Mongolian tradition, quality craftsmanship, and a sprinkle of my wanderlust. Each pair is a tiny piece of Mongolia, lovingly crafted and ready to accompany you on your adventures, wherever they may take you. So, come join our sock-obsessed family. Embrace the Mongolian charm, and let’s take it one step (or sock) at a time.

Free Mongolian Camel Socks!

As a goodwill to our potential customers, we are offering a free giveaway/sample. Come shop with us again and get up to 50% discount when you buy in bulk!